10 Tips and Tricks for a Ripper Campfire

If there’s one thing we Aussies know how to do right, it’s building a campfire that’s as legendary as the stories told around it. Whether you’re in the outback, by the beach, or just having a cheeky bush bash, a ripper campfire is essential. From building it to keeping it going all night, we’ve got the tips and tricks to make your campfire the envy of the bush.

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1. Pick the Perfect Spot

First things first, you need a primo location. Find a flat, clear area away from overhanging branches and anything flammable. Many campsites have designated fire pits, so use those if you can. No pit? No worries! Clear a circle and surround it with rocks to keep things under control.

A designated fire pit or rock-surrounded fire circle in the Australian bush.

2. Gather Your Fire-Starter Kit

To get your fire crackling, you’ll need tinder, kindling, and fuel wood. Think of it like building a burger—start small and work your way up. Tinder is your dry leaves and grass, kindling is your small sticks, and fuel wood is the big logs that keep the fire roaring.

3. Master the Art of Fire Building

There’s more than one way to build a fire, but the key is to stack it right. Here are some of the methods:

Lean To: When the wind’s howling and you need a quick and sturdy blaze. This one’s for the practical camper who knows how to adapt.

Log Cabin: For the patient bushmaster who likes their fire to burn slow and steady. Perfect for an all-night storytelling session.

Star: A method for the strategic mind. Place your logs like a star and feed your fire as it burns inward. Efficient and clever!

Tee Pee: The classic go-to for a quick, hot fire. Ideal for boiling the billy or just keeping warm on a chilly night.

Pyramid: Stack ’em high and watch it burn long and bright. Great for those who like to set it and forget it.

Aussie: When in doubt, go all out! The Aussie way might be a bit… explosive, but we sure know how to make an impression.

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4. Keep It Lit with the Right Fuel

To keep your campfire roaring, you’ll need to feed it regularly. Use a mix of hardwood and softwood logs—hardwood burns longer and hotter, while softwood ignites quickly. Keep your fuel dry and stockpile it close, but not too close to the fire, unless you fancy a bonfire surprise!

5. Safety First, Always

We love a good campfire, but safety comes first. Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby, and never leave your fire unattended. When you’re done, douse the fire thoroughly until the ashes are cold. Remember: Only you can prevent bushfires!

6. Cook Up Some Campfire Classics

Once your fire’s roaring, it’s time to cook up some classic campfire fare. Think damper bread wrapped around a stick, foil-wrapped sausages, and of course, the quintessential s’mores. Don’t forget the billy for your morning brew!

7. Light Up the Night with Campfire Games

A campfire isn’t just for keeping warm—it’s the perfect setting for some epic games. Try a game of Campfire Charades.

8. Stargaze and Wonder

There’s nothing quite like the night sky in the Aussie outback. Lie back and let the stars mesmerize you. Use a stargazing app to identify constellations or just enjoy the view. You might even spot a shooting star!

9. Capture the Moment

Don’t let the night pass without snapping some photos. Use the firelight to capture warm, glowing portraits or experiment with long exposure shots to catch the dance of the flames. These are the memories you’ll want to keep.

10. Reflect and Unwind

As the fire burns low, take a moment to soak it all in. Reflect on the day’s adventures, enjoy the quiet crackle of the fire, and let the serenity of the night wash over you. This is what camping is all about.

So there you have it, legends! With these tips and tricks, your campfire will be the highlight of your camping trip. Whether you’re cooking up a storm, playing games, or just kicking back and stargazing, a ripper campfire is the key to a memorable night in the bush. Now, get out there and light up the night!

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