A Royal Rest: Our Review of the Adventure Kings Pink Swag

Designed to stand out, the Adventure Kings Pink Swag promises comfort and durability, but does it really deliver a sleep fit for royalty? Let’s get real in this no-fluff review and chat about what you truly care about: quality, usability, and those sneaky extra costs. You’re in for an honest chat about whether it’ll up your camping game or leave you dreaming of better nights under the stars.

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The great unboxing

We actually purchased this very pink double swag as a Christmas present for our 8-year-old son. He’d been eyeing this particular swag (and planning out the rest of his colourful camping kit) for months. He was thrilled to see his Adventure Kings Pink Single Swag under the tree) and even more excited to unbox it and reveal a colour so vividly pink it could make flamingos jealous.

This swag isn’t playing around when it comes to size it’s got enough room to make any camper feel like they’re snoozing in spacious luxury, perfect for anyone who loves a bit of extra wiggle room.

But let’s keep it a hundred snags were hit along the way. The included 50mm thick high density foam mattress? Well, it’s kind of like sleeping on a yoga mat. Side sleepers might wake up feeling like they’ve gone a few rounds with a boxing bag. It begs the question: would a self-inflating mattress be the key to a night of regal dreams?

Pitching the Palace: Setting Up Your Swag

Our kids all set up their own sleeping stations, so it’s important that anything we purchase is simple to set up. Our son happily reports that setting up the Adventure Kings Pink Single Swag is a breeze – as an onlooker, I can attest that he had it up faster than you can say “glamping”. The free-standing structure and no-fuss design with those handy pole clips meant he had his fashionable beauty standing tall in less than five minutes – without any fancy instructions.

Now, the setup routine was pretty much what you’d expect: unfold the swag, slide the poles into their homes, and pin that baby down with pegs and guy lines. Just like that, you’ve got yourself a cozy castle under the stars. Also, the swag comes with a tough PVC bucket floor, which is basically like a moat keeping all the wetness at bay, so your gear stays nice and dry.

Seasoned camper tip: Don’t skip on the double-check – make sure those poles are snug, pegs are grounded, and lines are tight. Trust me, when the wind picks up, you’ll be glad you did.

Aesthetic Appeal and Practicality of the Pink Swag

The Adventure Kings Pink Single Swag features:

  • Dimensions of 2,100mm in length, 900mm in width, and 800mm in height

  • 400gsm canvas

  • Accommodates a large person comfortably

  • Practical design without compromising on aesthetics

  • Comes in both single and double size

Built to Last: Durability Under Scrutiny

The swag’s robust 400gsm canvas construction is impressive. Double-stitched for added strength, the double swag is built to endure the rough and tumble of the outdoors. Complementing this is a heavy-duty PVC bucket floor with high edges, designed to prevent water from soaking in and offering protection against groundwater or dew.

Despite its robust construction, I’d be remiss not to address online durability concerns from other campers who’ve purchased the swag, including:

  • Poor quality poles prone to cracking (I can’t comment on the validity of this claim, as we’ve only used our Kings Pink Single Swag a couple of times)

  • Premature wear or failure of the carrying bag and buckles (again, I can’t comment on the validity of these reviews, due to not yet having used the swag enough times for it to wear)

  • Instances of condensation buildup (we haven’t experienced this issue)

  • Small holes in the PVC floor (we haven’t experienced this issue)

Let’s Chat About User-Friendly Features

Okay, let’s dive into what makes the Adventure Kings Pink Single Swag a hit with the camping crowd. Here’s the scoop:

  • You get a water-resistant canvas bag that’s a cinch to clean and won’t stain easily.

  • It’s got these beefy straps and UV-resistant polyester webbing handles, so you can lug it around without a fuss.

Now, the swag is designed to stand on its own, which means you can set it up pretty much anywhere, whether you’re in the middle of a desert or on a mountaintop. And, if you’re the type who likes to be extra secure, you can grab some optional pegs for added stability. Plus, when it’s time to hit the road, rolling up this swag is a piece of cake — perfect for those who like to keep on the move.

But hey, nothing’s perfect, right? A couple of things might give you a bit of a headache. We’re talking about the 400gsm canvas possibly sagging over time, those eyelets for the telescopic pole getting a bit loose, and the fact that there’s nowhere inside to hang your lantern.

Despite these little quirks, the swag’s got a roomy interior and large entrances, which means you won’t feel like you’re sleeping in a sardine can. So, for all you outdoor buffs, this swag could totally be your next go-to for a comfy night in the wild.

Real-World Rendezvous

Complete honesty: unlike our other camping gear, we’ve only owned our Adventure Kings Pink Single Swag for a couple of months. So I can’t (yet) speak to its longevity – I can, however, confirm that thus far, it’s earned its place as a regular in our camping set-up. Let’s explore how it has performed during this short period.

Like Sleeping on Cloud Nine

Now, let’s talk about what really matters when you’re out in the great outdoors – the comfort of your swag. Our son, the proud owner of the Adventure Kings Pink Deluxe Single Swag (yes, it’s an adult-sized haven with heaps of space, but he absolutely loves it), gives it a solid 10/10 on his comfort scale. And let me tell you, he’s one discerning critic!

This swag’s 50mm thick high density foam mattress aims to blend comfort with support. But, between us, it’s not the dreamiest bed you’ll ever sleep on. Think of it as a step up from a yoga mat – it’s okay for a night or two, but side sleepers might feel like they’ve been cuddling with a cactus. This is easily fixed with the addition of a self inflating mattress.

Pair that with the Adventure Kings Pink Premium Winter/Summer Sleeping Bag, and you’ve got versatility nailed. It’s got a removable liner, a snug hooded drawstring, and insulated zippers to keep the chills at bay. Basically, it’s like your own personal thermostat.

Here’s the lowdown on what makes the swag a comfort fortress

  • Generous dimensions for stretching and sprawling

  • A design that makes getting in and out a breeze

  • A spacious interior that won’t cramp your style

And let’s not forget the soothing sounds of nature that come free with every sleep. It’s like a lullaby for the soul. So yeah, sleeping under the stars in this swag is more of a treat than a trial – it’s the kind of comfort that’ll have you waking up with a smile.

Weathering the Wilderness: A Real-World Check

Alright, let’s talk about how this Kings Pink Single Swag holds up against Mother Nature’s mood swings. Now, we’ve heard some campers mentioning that when the heavens open up, this swag doesn’t quite keep you as dry as you’d hope. They’ve pointed out some sneaky leaks where the 400gsm canvas hugs the PVC and by the zips. Imagine settling in for the night and finding yourself in an unexpected indoor pool situation – not the kind of waterbed anyone’s after.

And then there’s the whole condensation saga. Some folks have woken up to their gear feeling more damp than dew-kissed, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to embrace the great outdoors.

But here’s the thing – we haven’t had these watery woes with our swag. Granted, it’s only been a few months, and we’ve been lucky with the weather. We’ve cozied up inside during some chilly, rainy nights and come out dry in the morning. But, we do take our waterproofing seriously. We’re those people who set up our canvas gear and give it a good hosing down, letting it dry out completely over a couple of days. It’s like our little pre-camping ritual. So maybe that’s the secret sauce to keeping dry.

It is worth noting here: by day three of our last camping trip, our son was complaining about some sag in the swag. We adjusted a couple of things, and it still wasn’t quite perfect, but it was much better.

Dew on the swag in the morning – there was still no condensation inside the swag

Our Verdict: Is the Adventure Kings Pink Swag Fit for Royalty?

So, does the Adventure Kings Pink Single Swag roll out the red carpet as far as swags go? It’s a gem for the price, but let’s have a real talk about its water resistance. There’s some chatter about whether it can truly withstand a downpour. And yeah, you might want to think about a plusher mattress or a bigger bag to up the comfort ante. But don’t let that put you off.

Here’s what we’re loving about the Adventure Kings Pink Single Swag:

  • Tough as nails construction

  • Features that are a breeze to use

  • That eye-catching pink flair

  • More room than you’d expect

  • Strong 400gsm canvas

  • It’s a cinch to transport

  • Setup so easy, you could do it blindfolded (though we wouldn’t recommend trying)

  • Kings are renowned for producing quality products at affordable prices this swag stands up to that reputation

  • Convenience: we took advantage of online delivery and had it delivered to the door within just two days

So, while it’s not exactly the swag of choice for monsoon season, it’s got a lot going for it.

After giving it a whirl and weighing up the feedback from other happy campers, our Adventure Kings Pink Single Swag scores a proud 9/10. Sure, it’s not without its quirks – the water resistance could be better, and the durability over time is still up for debate. But when it comes to comfort, style, and ease of use, this swag is pretty darn close to ruling the great outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my Kings swag from leaking?

To stop your Kings swag from leaking, season it to make it fully waterproof. Soak the swag completely with water and let it dry to waterproof it. This will prevent any further leaks.

What size is Kings Pink Double Swag?

The Kings Double Swag is a generous size 150cm wide, making it larger than a standard double bed, which is is 138cm wide. It provides ample space for a comfortable sleeping experience.

Is the Kings Pink Single Swag water-resistant?

No, the Kings Pink Single Swag is not completely water-resistant, as customers have reported leakage during rain due to issues with the canvas joining the PVC and zip closures. Be mindful of potential leakage in wet conditions.


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