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Here's Stacey Fulton with her family living the good life behind the scenes at Cammping and 4WD Downunder.

G’DAY from the Fulton crew

G’day mate, we’re chuffed to see you’ve landed on our blog.
I’m Stacey, the big dude is Lee, and together with our crazy clan of kids (always with the odd extra thrown in), and our doggos, we make up the Fulton crew. TBH there’s also quite a few other animals that make up our crew, but I’m not game to throw them in the camper trailer. Yet.

Why do we blog? It’s simple, we love doing anything that involves the great outdoors. Our blog is a way to connect with people, just like yourself, who share the same passion.

See, we know busy…between us we have an emergency response career, three businesses, a multitude of kids (some with disabilities), and a menagerie of animals. That’s without our volunteer work. So yeah…busy.

What we also know (from experience) is that busy quickly turns into burnout. Getting out into the fresh air and away from the chaos of our Mon-Fri lives resets the mind and recharges the soul – I’m betting it does the same for you?

Camping shouldn’t be hard

We’ve been camping our entire lives, but one thing we quickly realised is that camping becomes harder after you’ve had children. Actually, everything becomes harder – but this isn’t a parenting blog.

The simple logistics of extra people and all their requirements can soon mean the family camping trip becomes the most strategically planned and choreographed event, ever. Which isn’t enjoyable. For anyone.

We know from experience the moment organising the family camp trip becomes yet another tedious task on the to-do list, it gets put off. The tent sits in the garage growing mould, and before you know it, you realise you’ve been promising your mates for years you’ll all do that camping trip together.

Camping is about enjoying the simplicity, and every time we head out, we discover some new tips and tricks to make our camping adventures (and yours) easier.

You can check them out on our blog.


Good question. For starters, we have THE BEST community of Aussie campers across all platforms; we know this because our community members tell us. Every. Single. Day. Also, marketing is Stacey’s professional gig. That’s right, when she’s not kicking ’round with her camping crew, she’s kicking ’round with brands (large and small), helping them build their own empires – you can check out her work here.



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