Best Double Sleeping Bag: Top Aussie Picks for Snug Mates

Planning a camping trip with your better half? Nothing brings two people closer together than sleeping under an Aussie night sky, and what better way to snuggle up, than in a double sleeping bag.

Getting out in the bush and returning to nature is pretty special, but you don’t want to skimp on the comfort, especially during those chilly Aussie nights. That’s why it’s so important to find a high-quality double sleeping bag that suits your camping needs – one that’s comfy, keeps you warm, and is easy to pack up.

So, let’s jump right in and take a squiz at some of the top double sleeping bags that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a first-timer, these double sleeping bags will make your next camping trip a ripper!

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Top Double Sleeping Bag Models

We’ve got some ripper models to tell you about if you’re after a top-notch double sleeping bag for your Aussie adventures. Have a gaze at these beauties below.

Big Agnes King Solomon
The Big Agnes King Solomon is lightweight and packs down well, so they won’t bog you down on your treks. Some features include:

  • Integrated pad sleeves to hold your sleeping pad in place
  • Insulated with DownTek water-resistant down
  • Lightweight polyester shell and a cozy lining

The North Face Dolomite One 
The North Face Dolomite One offers versatility and comfort with its 3in1 modular sleep system that allows you to customise the bag’s temperature rating based on the time of year. Check out these features:

  • Three layers you can mix and match for different temperature ranges
  • Brushed polyester lining for extra warmth
  • Roomy enough for you and your bushwalking buddy

Coleman The Tandem

Coleman The Tandem means you can enjoy camping, while also enjoying the feeling of having your home dooner. Check out these features:

  • 3-in-1 design can zip apart into 2 separate sleeping bags
  • Can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 4 inches
  • ZipPlow system plows away fabric to prevent snagging during zipping
Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 Queen Size Sleeping Bag
$119.99 $79.26
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03/09/2024 09:22 pm GMT

Budget-Friendly Double Sleeping Bags

If you’re looking for a bonza double sleeping bag that won’t break the bank, you’re in the right place – we’ve got three ripper options that are perfect for your budget.

Weisshorn Sleeping Bag
This Weisshorn Sleeping Bag is the real deal, without the hefty dollars. It’s affordable and offers a thick and comfortable cotton flannel lining that’ll keep you warm and snug as a bug in a rug.

A bit more about the Weisshorn Sleeping Bag:

  • Temperature Rating: -10°C
  • Dimensions: 212cm x 148cm
  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Insulation: Down

Spinifex Daybreak Double Sleeping Bag
Spinifex Daybreak Double Sleeping Bag is another top-notch choice if you’re after a budget-friendly double sleeping bag. Designed for two, this little ripper can split into two separate sleeping bags.

Here are some highlights of the Spinifex Daybreak Double Sleeping Bag:

  • Temperature Rating: 0°C
  • Dimensions: 205cm x 150cm
  • Weight: 2.65kg
  • Insulation: Peach synthetic fill
  • Other Features: Hooded Clip to separate hooded pillow sections

Mountview Sleeping Bag
The Mountview Sleeping Bag another great choice if you’re after a budget-friendly double sleeping bag. Designed for two, this little ripper features a unique dual-purpose sleep system to give you a customised sleeping experience.

Here are some more features:

  • Temperature Rating: -6°C
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Other Features: Built to last with tough stitching

Picking the Best Double Sleeping Bags


Temperature Rating

Mate, when you’re out in the bush, it’s essential to consider the temperature rating of your sleeping bag. You don’t want to be freezing your arse off or sweating like a pig during the night. So, consider the lowest temperature you’ll be experiencing while camping and choose a sleeping bag with a suitable rating.

Insulation Type

Now, let’s talk about insulation types. You’ll generally find two types: down insulation and synthetic insulation.

Down insulation is primo for loads of reasons. It’s lightweight, compressible, and offers top-notch warmth. However, the downside (pun intended) is that it doesn’t handle getting wet too well.

Synthetic insulation is a bit like your backup plan – not as good as down insulation, but it’s still handy to have around. It performs well in wet conditions and dries quickly but is a bit bulkier and heavier.


The double sleeping bag is your best bet. Down insulation is lighter than synthetic insulation, but it’s essential to consider the trade-offs.


Let’s face it, in some parts of Oz, it can be drier than a dead dingo’s donger, while other times, wetter than a shag on a rock. A bit of waterproofing can be a saviour in damp conditions. Look for sleeping bags with a water-resistant shell or a waterproof cover. Mummy bags can be handy, as they generally have a water-resistant shell.


Need to clean your double sleeping bag, but don’t want to destroy it in the process? We get it. We’ve written a detailed article on washing and drying your sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Features

Construction and Materials

You’ll want to know about the construction and materials for double sleeping bags. First, many of these bags are made with ripstop nylon, which is super durable and lightweight. It’s perfect for keeping you and your partner warm during those chilly nights under the stars.

Some double sleeping bags have a flannel lining that adds extra comfort and warmth. For the environmentally conscious, options are made from recycled materials, like sheets and polyester fill, so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet.

Baffling and Fill Material

Let’s have a squiz at the baffling and fill material. Quality is important because it helps distribute the fill material, ensuring no cold spots in your sleeping bag. Most double sleeping bags use a polyester fill that’s lightweight, hypoallergenic, and retains heat well. Some high-end bags even offer a down fill for those looking to splurge on outdoor adventures.

Keep an eye out for features like draft tubes, which help to seal in warmth and prevent cold air from sneaking in through the zippers.

Integrated Pillows

Last but not least, let’s have a chinwag about integrated pillows. These handy additions to your double sleeping bag can make all the difference in comfort. They provide a built-in spot for your head to rest, so you don’t have to worry about packing a separate pillow.

Integrated pillows are a ripper feature worth considering when hunting for a top-notch double sleeping bag.

Choosing the Right Bag for Your Camping Trip

Picking the perfect double sleeping bag for your next camping adventure? There’s a lot to consider. Let’s break it down into two important factors to help you decide, shall we?

Car Camping vs Backpacking

Planning on car camping? Weight and size aren’t much of an issue, so you’ll want to focus on comfort. A summer sleeping bag is ideal, as the best double sleeping bags keep you and your partner nice and snug without overheating.

For you backcountry explorers, every gram counts. Look for mountaineering-grade bags that are lightweight and packable but still keep you warm in colder weather.

Sleeping Bag Shapes

When it comes to double sleeping bags, there’s two other factors to consider; whether you can buy two singles and join them, and which shape will suit you best. 

Rectangular Shape

A trusty rectangular shape is great for car camping, offering room to stretch and wiggle your toes. They’re roomier and more like your bed back home. The best double sleeping bags in this category typically have more padding and insulation, providing a luxurious snooze under the stars.

If you’re looking for a good quality retangular single sleeping bag that can be converted to a double, check out the Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag – we personally have one of these babies, and can honestly say it offers the most comfortable sleep after a big day exploring!

Mummy Bags

If you’re venturing into the backcountry, mummy bags are the go. These tapered bags offer warmth and insulation but without the extra bulk. They’ll have you feeling like a snug little (ahem) mummy.

You won’t find many double mummy bags out there, but you can always find two single mummy bags with compatible zippers, giving you a makeshift couple sleeping bag.

Sea to Summit offer various mummy bags that can be zipped together (just make sure you pair a right and left zip bag). Below are a couple of Sea to Summit single sleeping bags that you can join together to make a double mummy shaped sleeping bag:



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