Unfolding Adventure: A Guide to Choosing the Best Camping Tables

From cooking to eating, playing games, creating, or simply enjoying the views, camping tables are one of the essential pieces to have in your kit. Whether you’re a seasoned camper, an occasional adventurer, or a nature newbie, the value of a sturdy, reliable camping table can’t be overstated.

We have a couple of trusty camping tables that live permanently in our camping trailer (well, that’s a lie…you’ll sometimes find us stealing a couple for outdoor family meals, and other functions). Point is, they’ll be one of your most used pieces of camping kit.

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Top 5 Camping Tables

Let’s get right to it: we are here with our top 5 camping table choices, considering stability, strength, portability, and ease of setup.

Best Overall

Best Overall Table: Spinifex Blowmould 5ft Table

The Spinifex Blowmould 5ft Table is the ultimate multi-purpose table, perfect for any situation. Its Patent Pending Ergonomic Pinch Free Button offers exceptional convenience for effortless folding and an auto-locking system, making storage and transport a breeze.

Crafted from UV-Protected high-density polyethylene plastic and sturdy black powder-coated steel, it’s built to withstand the elements. Oval legs add strength and eliminate leg-banging inconveniences. With a stylish built-in carry handle and improved leg design, it’s easy to transport and provides unobstructed access.

Durable leg caps protect floors. This table is your reliable companion for camping, gatherings, DIY projects, boardgames, and more (trust us, we have a few of these babies, and we use them everywhere!).

Spinifex Blowmould 5ft Table

Dimensions: 1,530cm x 650cm x 740cm (D, W, H)

Weight: 11kg

Features: Versatile, weatherproof, and durable.


Best Lightweight Option

Elevate your outdoor adventures with the TREKOLOGY Camping Table, a lightweight and robust solution. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, it’s weather-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. The edge-hinged design ensures durability, supporting heavy tasks like cooking and cutting. Ideal for camping, picnics, BBQs, or backpacking, its compact and lightweight build folds into an included carry bag, making it easily portable. Setting up is a breeze with no tools required. With a weight capacity of up to 50 lbs (23kg) and anti-slip rubber feet, it stands stable on various terrains.

Trekology Lightweight Camping Table

Dimensions: 34.5cm x 40cm x 29cm (D, W, H)

Weight: 0.8 kg

Features: Built with an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that is waterproof, weather-resistant, and easy to clean.

07/24/2024 11:09 am GMT

Best for Cooking

The OZtrail All In One Camp Kitchen – Extra Large is the pinnacle of campsite culinary convenience. This well-designed kit has everything from pantry storage and teatowel holders to racks, hooks, and lantern holders. It includes a windbreak, drying rack, and a mesh rubbish bin. The standout feature is the freestanding dishwashing station, complete with a plastic sink and wire dish drainer, which can be set up separately or removed for shorter trips. With a spacious prep bench at a comfortable working height, an extra-wide wire shelf, and ample storage options, this camping kitchen ensures you have all the space and organization you need. Made with a sturdy steel frame and MDF benchtop, it’s the ultimate choice for campsite chefs who value convenience and workspace.

OZtrail All In One Extra Large Camp Kitchen

Dimensions: 2,480cm x 496cm x 815cm (D, W, H)

Weight: 20.5 kg

Features:  You don't need to take your kitchen sink when you go camping, or do you...this kitchen camping table has everything you need!


Best Budget-Friendly Pick

The Moon Lence Camping Table offers affordability without compromising quality. Crafted from sturdy aluminium alloy, it’s scratch-resistant and stable. Easy to set up, fold, and store in the included bag, it’s perfect for camping, hiking, and picnics. The heat-resistant top board is practical and easy to clean, making it an excellent budget-friendly choice for campers.

Moon Lence Aluminum Alloy Camping Table

Dimensions: 40.5cm x 39.9cm x 40cm (D, W, H)

Weight: 0.9 kg

Features:  Lightweight and heat-resistant top

07/24/2024 11:00 am GMT

Best Family-Sized Table

The OZtrail Ironside 3pc Camping Recreation Table Set is a standout choice for family camping and picnics. Its corrosion-resistant steel frame guarantees exceptional durability, while the thick, easy-to-clean tabletop and benches keep things looking fresh. Stability is a given with horizontal and angled stabiliser frames, so no worries about tipping. Plus, the benches are securely attached to the frame and have convenient carry handles for easy transportation. This set ensures family gatherings in the great outdoors are a breeze, making it our top pick for family-friendly camping.

OZtrail Ironside 3pc Camping Recreation Table Set

Dimensions: 102cm x 61cm x 70cm (D, W, H)

Weight: 9.2 kg

Features:  corrosion-resistant steel frame, stabiliser frames, easy to clean top, plenty of space for the whole family!


Essential Features to Look for in a Camping Table


First things first, you want a camping table that’s easy to lug around. You’ll be carting it along with your other gear, so keep an eye out for one that’s a bit of a lightweight champ. Look for tables that fold up nice and small, and maybe even come with a carry bag or some handles so it’s easy to carry around.


Steady as she goes, mate – you don’t want your tucker to end up in the dirt, do ya? A camping table should stand strong and not wobble about. Check if the legs are fair dinkum sturdy and if the feet can be adjusted to handle uneven ground. No one likes a table that’s as stable as a drunken kangaroo!


Your table will cop a fair bit of rough and tumble out bush – so, it’s got to be built to last. Tables made from top-notch materials like aluminium or steel are your best bet. Also, look for tables with weather-resistant coatings so they don’t rust up like a rusty old ute.

Size and Surface Area

Size matters, Cobber (well…that’s what she said). If you’re whipping up big camp dinners or have a big mob to feed, you’ll need a large surface. Travelling solo? You won’t need a huge table. If you explore some of the features, you’ll notice some camping tables also have adjustable heights for different jobs.

Ease of Setup

Camping is all about chilling out, so you want a table that’s easy as pie to set up and pack away. Look for one with compact storage and a simple design – maybe a quick-release or pop-up setup.

Weight Capacity

Consider how much weight your table can handle. It’s gotta support your cooking gear, grub, and whatever else you chuck on it. Tables with bigger weight limits are the go for versatility.

Tabletop Material

Tables come with different tabletop materials – wood, plastic, fabric, etc. Each one’s got its pros. Wood’s sturdy and feels natural, while plastic and fabric options are light and can handle moisture.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Think about how easy it is to clean your table. Smooth surfaces that you can wipe down are ripper for quick clean-ups. Some tables even have removable tablecloths that you can chuck in the wash.

Storage Options

Some camping tables come with extras like shelves, pockets, or hooks – bloody handy for keeping your campsite tidy and having your food and gear within arm’s reach.

Price and Budget

Lastly, work out your budget and stick to it. Quality’s important, but you’ll find the best camping tables in different price brackets, so choose the one that won’t break the bank.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Camping Table

Now that you’re ready to snag that perfect camping table, let’s dive into the basic table care routine. Maintaining your table is as important as choosing the right one.

Keep it spick and span by giving it a gentle scrub with mild soap or detergent and some warm water regularly – that’s the secret to keeping it in top-notch shape for the long haul. When it’s time to pack up after your outdoor adventure, make sure everything from the legs down is bone-dry before folding your table away. Steer clear of harsh chemicals at all costs – they’ll only wear out the surface.

And when it comes to storage, pick a cool, well-ventilated spot that avoids extreme temperatures. After all, you want to be ready for any starry escapades under the open sky!


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