Everything You Need To Know About FREE CampING in Australia

Are you dreaming of exploring the Land Down Under without busting your budget? You’re in luck! This guide is your ticket to the ins and outs of free camping in Australia. We’re talking about immersing yourself in stunning outback vistas, cozying up on serene beaches, and waking up to the sounds of kookaburras — all without spending a single dollar on accommodation. Ready to roll out your swag under the stars? Let’s dive into the world of free camping, Aussie-style. It’s not just a thrifty choice; it’s an adventure of a lifetime!

Arial view of free campers in Outback Australia

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The Basics of Free Camping in Australia

If you’re looking for a budget travel option, free camping in Australia is ideal. There are mainly two types of sites available in this magnificent country: designated campsites and dispersed (wild) camping spots. The first type offers basic or no facilities, but they won’t charge anything from visitors, while the latter requires more adventurous souls who want to do it away from all restrictions and regulations that come with designated areas.

Free camping roadsign in Western Australia

Designated Free Campsites

Free campsites are your dream destination if you’re looking to save money on a camping trip. These areas let campers set up for cheap without paying any fees, though, be warned…this may mean missing out on luxurious amenities – like hot showers or flushing toilets. Instead of caravan parks, these sites provide an experience more akin to rustic outdoor living. It’s important that travellers double-check the facility regulations before their stay so as not to surprise themselves when they arrive at the location. There are many designated free spots located in beautiful national parks too! When opting for this type of budget-friendly getaway, keep in mind tradeoffs: although no fee is charged, comforts such as warm showers and working toilet facilities will be absent from the equation – but hey – who needs those when surrounded by nature?

Free camping at Ellendale Pool, Western Australia

Dispersed Camping

If you’re feeling adventurous, free camping outside designated areas is a great option. Before setting off on your Bear Grylls-inspired adventure though, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the restrictions and regulations associated with dispersed camping, especially when it comes to safety! Make sure you’re well-equipped for emergencies and knowledgeable about local conditions before embarking.

Restrictions and Regulations

Exploring Australia via free camping is definitely possible – but it’s important to know the rules and regulations depending on your chosen spot. For instance, some National Parks in New South Wales and Victoria have established certain limitations, such as length of stay or specifying where to pitch up a tent within its borders.

A very important guideline for every camper wanting to enjoy their backcountry experience: don’t camp illegally and leave no trace.

Camping sign in Western Australia – note the 24hr stopping restriction

Top Destinations for Free Camping

If free camping‘s on your bucket list, Australia has many remarkable sites to explore. Look no further than Queensland for stunning beaches or bush campgrounds. Western Australia offers up pristine waters at Ningaloo Reef and the otherworldly Pinnacles Desert. New South Wales can provide incredible opportunities to set up a tent in view of the Blue Mountains, while camping beneath Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park’s sky would be an amazing experience in Northern Territory. There are so many gorgeous places where you can enjoy quality time without spending money; they just need some research first.


Campers looking for free camping have plenty of amazing options in Queensland. There’s the gorgeous Carnarvon Gorge located right near some national parks, or if stunning beaches are your ideal, check out the Whitsunday Islands. For those interested in world-renowned wonders, there’s always access to sites along The Great Barrier Reef where you could view its incredible marine life from your tent.

As if that wasn’t enough, Bundaberg offers a low-cost RV Park managed by CMCA and an area with no charge so people can visit iconic landmarks such as the Botanical Gardens or Mon Repos beach without breaking their budget. Up north is the Bingara River Camp, which has attractive riverside campsites by the Gwydir River with easy boat ramps available to all guests wanting to get out onto the water via kayak or paddleboard.

Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland
Whitsunday Islands, Queensland
Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Western Australia

Western Australia is an ideal destination for lovers of free camping. From the vibrant aquatic environment at Ningaloo Reef, to Margaret River’s picturesque vineyards, a different adventure awaits each traveller in this beautiful state. The Pinnacles Desert provides hikers with remarkable scenes that may appear like they’ve been taken from another world. And those looking for complete solitude will adore Carawine Gorge and 12 Mile Beach Camping Area – perfect getaways away from civilization.

Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia
Margaret River, Western Australia
The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

New South Wales

New South Wales is home to a plethora of free camping spots, from rest areas to national parks. The stunning Blue Mountains are perfect for any budget exploration while the Snowy Mountains boast remote and rugged landscapes. On the coast, you’ll find Royal National Park, which boasts some incredible beaches, all without having to spend anything!

Another hidden gem in NSW is Bingara, which is located within the New England region. This delightful riverside campground has many activities, such as swimming, fishing, or even picking oysters during low tide!

The Blue Mountains, New South Wales
Snowy Mountains, New South Wales
Bingara, New South Wales

Northern Territory

Exploring the Northern Territory on a free camping trip is an unforgettable experience; from Kakadu National Park with its rugged beauty to Uluru-Kata Tjuta Park, filled with awe-inspiring landscapes – there are plenty of quality outdoor experiences that won’t cost you anything. Litchfield National Park also boasts amazing waterfalls and crystal clear swimming holes, among other breathtaking wonders, which make it another must-see destination when in this territory.

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
Uluru-Kata Tjuta Park, Northern Territory
Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory


Victoria, a camper’s haven, offers a smorgasbord of free camping experiences. Fancy a bit of bush and beach combo? The Great Otway National Park is your go-to, with its lush forests leading to rugged coastlines. For a serene lake setting, Lake Eildon’s vast waterways and scenic surrounds are hard to beat.

But wait, there’s more! Grampians National Park, with its jaw-dropping mountain ranges, is perfect for hikers and nature lovers. And if you’re after a spot of history, the Goldfields region offers free camping near old mining towns – a real nugget for history buffs!

And let’s not forget the Murray River, where you can find superb riverside campsites. These spots are ideal for anglers or anyone keen to dip their toes in the water, with plenty of opportunities for boating or kayaking.

Check out our srtcile on free camping in Victoria for more inspo.

Lake Eildon, Victoria
Goldfields region, Victoria
Murray River, Victoria

South Australia

In South Australia, free campers are spoilt for choice with a range of stunning locations. Imagine waking up to the rugged beauty of the Flinders Ranges, where the landscape tells stories of ancient times. Or, for a seaside retreat, the Eyre Peninsula offers pristine beaches and secluded spots perfect for setting up camp under the stars.

Wine enthusiasts? You’re in luck! The Barossa Valley has some low-cost camping options near world-famous vineyards – talk about a grape way to wake up! Meanwhile, the Limestone Coast is a hidden gem with its unique geological features and peaceful coastal campsites.

Adventure seekers should head to the Murray River, boasting superb riverside camping spots ideal for kayaking, fishing, or simply relaxing by the water. And for a true outback experience, the Nullarbor Plain provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to camp in one of Australia’s most iconic landscapes.

Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Nullarbor Plain, South Australia
The Barossa Valley, South Australia


Tassie, the island state, is a camper’s paradise, rich with awe-inspiring wilderness and quaint coastal towns. Free camping in Tasmania is like stepping into a fairy tale, with its ancient forests, misty mountains, and rugged coastlines. For those seeking tranquility, Bay of Fires offers pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters and fiery orange rocks – a perfect backdrop for a campsite.

If you’re a history buff, the Tasman Peninsula is not to be missed. Camp near historic Port Arthur and explore convict tales amidst stunning natural scenery. For the wilderness wanderers, the wild West Coast is a dream, with remote and untouched landscapes that are uniquely Tasmanian.

In the heart of Tasmania, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park provides an idyllic setting with its dramatic peaks and glacial lakes. Here, campers can find serenity and adventure in equal measure.

And let’s not forget the Huon Valley, a haven for foodies and nature lovers alike, with its lush landscapes and local produce.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania
Port Arthur, Tasmania
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Essential Tips for Free Camping in Australia

When you embark on free camping in Australia, there are some essential tips to remember for an enjoyable and secure experience. Ensuring safety, cutting costs, and preserving the environment can all help to make your venture memorable while safeguarding these natural spaces for future explorers.

So let’s look at some advice that will ensure you have what it takes before setting off into the wilds of Australia.

Safety First

Going camping without spending money can be a great experience. Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind. Make sure you are set up in approved sites and that you plan ahead for any potential risks or issues before embarking on your adventure. Bring important items such as first aid supplies, fire protection tools and emergency communication equipment with you just to be safe.

Save Money While Camping

Free camping is a great way to save money and still enjoy an outdoor adventure. The key to getting the most out of your trip without breaking the bank? Utilize resources wisely. Bring your own cooking materials like portable stoves so you can prepare meals instead of eating out, conserve water and electricity during use.

Respect the Environment

We need to be accountable campers when visiting the great outdoors, and it starts with choosing established campsites. This lessens our presence in popular spots and allows us to leave no trace of our stay. It’s also important that we practice proper waste disposal by utilizing designated facilities or taking home whatever rubbish is created during your visit.

Finding and Choosing Free Campsites

Now you know all about free camping, it’s time to pick the perfect location. The good news is, there’s an abundance of possibilities when searching for free campsites; the trick is picking the right ones. Here’s where we find information and inspiration on free camping sites.

Online Resources

Righto, when it comes to sniffing out the best free campsites in the Land Down Under, the internet’s your best mate. A ripper resource is the Camps Australia Wide app – used by more than 150,000 fellow Aussie travellers, it lists more than 14,500 campsites (free and budget), national parks, caravan parks, farm stays, pub stays, and hotels. Not only is it a breeze to use, but it gives you (verified) details, photos, and reviews – so you can set off on your camping trip, confident that the campsite you’ll land at will meet your needs.

For those who don’t mind digging deeper, national park websites can also be a treasure trove. Sure, they might take a bit more time to navigate, but they’re packed with insider info on some hidden gems.

Australia's No.1 Camping & Caravan Parks App for iOS & Android
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  • Offline maps for areas without phone signal or WIFI.
  • Plan trips, create bucket lists, and record travel memories.
  • Share adventures, follow others, and access a community newsfeed.
  • Live updates on nearby fuel and gas prices.
  • Over 3,950 pet-friendly sites.


Offline Resources

An essential for any free camping enthusiast in Oz is the Camps Australia Wide book. This gem is like the Bible for campers looking to explore the great Australian outdoors without splashing the cash. It’s a comprehensive guide, jam-packed with detailed maps and a massive list of free and budget campsite locations across Australia.

What’s bonza about this book is it’s not just a list; it includes crucial details like facilities, pet-friendliness, and access restrictions. Perfect for planning your trip, especially in spots where your phone might be as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike (read: no signal!).

So, if you’re serious about exploring Australia’s stunning landscapes on a budget, grabbing a copy of the Camps Australia Wide book is a fair dinkum must-do. It’s your trusty co-pilot for an unforgettable camping adventure!

Camps Australia Wide Free and Budget Sites
  • Over 6,000 free and low-cost campsites across Australia.
  • Includes national parks, farm stays, and more.
  • Spiral-bound, easy-to-read format with clear maps and symbols.
  • Latest maps, campsites, and dump points.
  • Full-color photos for nearly every site.
  • Trusted by travellers for over 30 years.

Looking for a sneaky discount? Enter the code Save15 to receive 15% off your purchase.


Word of Mouth

Never overlook the strength of personal recommendations when tracking down unknown places for free camping. Campers and inhabitants in an area may have valuable information about where the finest free campsites are, so don’t be afraid to start a conversation and ask them for tips.

Remember though, take such advice with caution and double-check any facts you get with other sources before deciding on setting up camp – since what could work great as a spot according to one person might not live up to those expectations from another’s point of view!


Exploring Australia without breaking the bank is made possible by free camping – but it’s important to prioritize safety. With plenty of stunning campsites available at no cost, all you need to ask yourself now is: where can I go for my next free camping trip in Australia?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is free camping legal in Australia?

You can camp for free in some areas of Australia, but it’s not always legal – so check signage first. Ensure you pay the necessary camping fee if applicable – and then you can enjoy a night under the stars.

Where can I camp for free in Australia?

Discover the possibility of free camping in Australia. There are so many breathtaking locations you can choose from, such as coastlines on the Gold Coast and forests in Northern Territory! If you know where to search, even cities have areas suitable for finding a great spot with no costs involved, making it totally doable to camp for nothing.

What are the main types of free camping spots in Australia?

Are you keen on free camping in Australia? Then why not try to find the perfect spot by utilizing one of two main types, such as designated campsites or dispersed camping options?

How can I find and choose the best free campsites in Australia?

We’ve used our Australia Wide Camps book as our travelling bible for over a decade now. It has all the info you need to not only find the perfect destination for your next memory making adventure.

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