Get a Good Night’s Sleep with a Coleman Sleeping Bag

Imagine, you’ve spent the day exploring the great outdoors. As the sun sets, you’re ready to settle in for a good night’s sleep under the stars. But you remember your last camping trip when you were left shivering, uncomfortable, and longing for the comfort of your bed at home. This time, however, you came prepared with a sleeping bag Coleman that promises comfort, warmth, and a good night’s sleep.

As you can imagine, being a family of eight, we have quite a few sleeping bags in our camping kit. Quite a few of them are Coleman – we find them comfortable and warm, while also being great value for money. Without further ado, here are our Coleman sleeping bag top picks:

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our top picks:

Coleman Sleeping Bags: A Comprehensive Guide

Coleman has been a reliable partner to outdoor enthusiasts for over a century, providing high-quality camping gear that enhances the camping experience. Their range of sleeping bags is no exception. Whether you’re a backpacker bracing for chilly mountain winds or a family enjoying a leisurely camping trip, there’s a Coleman sleeping bag just for you.

When choosing a Coleman sleeping bag, consider key features like temperature rating, insulation, and the unique Wrap ‘n’ Roll feature. These factors contribute to the overall performance of the sleeping bag, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Coleman All-Weather Multi-Layer Sleeping Bag
  • Easily removable layers attach at 3 simple connection points
  • All layers are machine washable for effortless cleaning
  • Carry bag included for easy storing and transporting
  • Roll control keeps the bag straight as you roll it up to make packing Super easy
03/09/2024 05:02 am GMT

Types of Coleman Sleeping Bags

Coleman’s extensive range of sleeping bags caters to different outdoor activities, personal preferences, and weather conditions. Whether you need a summer-weight sleeping bag for a beach camping trip or an extreme-weather sleeping bag for a winter adventure, Coleman has you covered.

The variety in shapes – mummy, rectangular, semi-rectangular, and double – also ensures that everyone, from solo adventurers to couples, can find a sleeping bag that’s the right fit for them. The mummy style, for instance, is perfect for backpackers bracing for chilly mountain winds, thanks to its snug fit and excellent heat retention. On the other hand, the rectangular and semi-rectangular bags offer more room for movement, making them ideal for car campers or people who prefer a roomier sleeping space. As the name suggests, the double sleeping bag is perfect for couples or families who want to share their sleeping space.

Key Features of Coleman Sleeping Bags

One of the reasons Coleman sleeping bags stand out from the crowd is their unique features designed to enhance your camping experience. For starters, Coleman sleeping bags are designed for warmth, with hollow polyester insulation that helps keep you warm without weighing you down. The full cover construction locks in heat and eliminates quilting cold spots, ensuring that you stay warm and snug even in colder temperatures.

Another noteworthy feature is the patented zipper system, which ensures easy zip-up and prevents the fabric from getting caught.

The Comfort Cuff feature adds a plush material to the edge of the bag, providing extra softness and comfort near your face when you’re sleeping.

The Wrap ‘N Roll integrated packing system makes storing your sleeping bag a breeze, ensuring your camping trip is as hassle-free as possible.

Coleman Big Game C-6 Sleeping Bag: A Closer Look

We own a Coleman Big Game C-6 sleeping bag, and mate, it’s honestly like sleeping in a cloud. It’s comfortable and oh-so-warm! And that flannel feels like pure luxury when you’re roughing it out in the bush.

Among the vast variety of Coleman sleeping bags, one that stands out is the Coleman Big Game C-6 Sleeping Bag. As the name suggests, this bag’s designed for big adventures and extreme weather conditions. It’s the perfect companion for campers and hikers who don’t want to compromise on comfort and warmth during their outdoor expeditions. With a temperature rating of -6°c, this sleeping bag ensures you stay toasty, even when Mother Nature has other plans.

The Coleman Big Game C-6 Sleeping. Bags are not just about warmth, they are also about comfort and durability. It features a tough polyester shell and comfy cotton flannel lining, perfectly balancing durability and comfort. The full-cover construction locks in heat, enhancing the insulation and ensuring that you stay warm throughout your camping trip. If that hasn’t sold you, this baby comes with a flannelette pillow!

How to Care for Your Coleman Sleeping Bag

It’s really important that you take care of your new sleeping bag if you want it to last, which is why we’ve written an entire article on it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade sleeping bag do I need?

For optimal comfort, a sleeping bag with a temperature rating between +10 and +35 degrees is recommended for use in a variety of conditions.

If camping in colder weather, a bag rated from -10 to +10 degrees would be more suitable.

Can Coleman sleeping bags be washed?

Yes, Coleman sleeping bags can be washed following instructions such as washing in warm water with mild detergent, rinsing in cold, and drying in a low temperature or air-drying. However, do not use detergents with bleach or take it to a dry cleaner.

We’ve written an entire article explaining how to wash your sleeping bag.

What types of Coleman sleeping bags are available?

Coleman provides a selection of sleeping bags with mummy, rectangular, semi-rectangular, and double shapes to choose from.

What are the key features of Coleman sleeping bags?

Coleman sleeping bags are designed for comfort, featuring a temperature rating to keep you warm, insulation for optimal coziness, and the Wrap ‘n’ Roll system for easy packing.

What is the temperature rating of the Coleman Big Game C-6 Sleeping Bag?

The Coleman Big Game C-6 Sleeping Bag has a temperature rating of -6°C making it a great option for camping in cold weather.

It is designed with a durable, water-resistant shell and a soft, comfortable lining. The bag is filled with synthetic insulation that provides superior warmth and comfort. It also features a full-length zipper for easy entry and exit.


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