Get Ready for Winter – Darche Cold Mountain 1100 Sleeping Bag

The Darche Cold Mountain 1100 is not your everyday sleeping bag. This purpose-built sleeping bag is designed for the all-around outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t shy away from braving Australia’s rugged conditions. Its robust modular construction and unique features like the large box-shaped design and cotton flannel inner lining make it a standout in Darche’s range, ensuring ultimate comfort even in extreme weather.

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Darche Cold Mountain 1100 features

Large Box Shaped Bag

If you’re someone who likes to roll around in your sleep or prefer extra room, the Darche Cold Mountain 1100 sleeping bag’s large box-shaped design is a dream come true. Unlike traditional mummy-style sleeping bags that can feel constricting, this double-layered sleeping bag is designed to offer ample space, so you can move freely and stay comfortable.

At 2500mm long and 1100mm wide, the sleeping bag offers plenty of room to stretch out and sleep in any position you prefer. Its generous size doesn’t compromise the warmth, ensuring an even heat distribution throughout the bag.

Cotton Flannel Inner Lining

The interior of the Darche Cold Mountain 1100 is as impressive as its exterior. Lined with 125gsm cotton flannel, this sleeping bag offers an added layer of warmth and insulation. The soft flannel lining feels comforting against the skin, making it a treat to snuggle into after a long day of outdoor adventures.

This luxurious lining, the floating bottom layer filling, and the fixed top layer filling ensure maximum heat retention. Whether you’re camping in the highlands or the snow-capped mountains, this sleeping bag ensures you stay toasty throughout the chilly nights.

Dual Zip System

One of the standout features of the Darche Cold Mountain 1100 is the Chilly Nights Dual Zip System. Ever struggled with a stubborn sleeping bag zipper in the dead of night? Not with the Darche Cold Mountain 1100. This sleeping bag comes with a dual zip system, allowing you to zip and unzip the sleeping bag from either side effortlessly. This not only makes entering and exiting the sleeping bag a breeze, but also allows for easy temperature regulation.

Got a camping partner? The dual zip system lets you zip two Darche Cold Mountain 1100 sleeping bags together, transforming them into a large doona. So whether you’re camping solo and need extra room or sharing the bag with a partner, this sleeping bag has you covered.

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Floating Bottom Layer Filling & Fixed Top Layer Filling

The Darche Cold Mountain 1100 sleeping bag features:

  • Unique filling system with a floating bottom layer filling and a fixed top layer filling for optimal insulation and warmth

  • Double layered design with two layers of hollow fibre for a cocoon of warmth

  • Suitable for use in even the chilliest of nights

This innovative filling system offers great insulation and ensures an even distribution of warmth throughout the bag, eliminating any cold spots. So no matter how low the temperature drops outside, you can count on the Darche Cold Mountain 1100 to keep you snug and warm.

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Foot End Zip

Ever wished for a little more ventilation in your sleeping bag during those unexpected warm nights? The Darche Cold Mountain 1100 has got you covered with its foot-end zip feature. This unique feature lets you unzip the sleeping bag at the foot end, providing additional ventilation and temperature control.

Moreover, the foot-end zip also provides versatility. Unzip the sleeping bag completely on warmer nights and use it like a big doona. It’s like having a portable bed that adjusts to your comfort, wherever you go.

Internal Zippered Pocket

Keeping your valuables safe can be challenging when you’re out in the wilderness. But not with the Darche Cold Mountain 1100. This sleeping bag has an internal zippered pocket, providing a secure place for small items and valuables.

Whether it’s your keys, mobile phone, or flashlight, you can keep them within arm’s reach in the zippered pocket. Now, you can sleep peacefully knowing your valuables are safe and secure.

Specifications and Compatibility

Product Specifications

The Darche Cold Mountain 1100 is a large sleeping bag with the following specifications:

  • Length: 2500mm

  • Width: 1100mm

  • Weight: 3kg

  • Comfort rating: -12°C

Despite its generous size, the sleeping bag is surprisingly lightweight. Its comfort rating of -12°C ensures you stay warm and comfortable even in freezing temperatures.

The Cold Mountain Sleeping Bag boasts an 8oz canvas outer shell and a 125gsm 100% cotton flannel lining, offering a luxurious feel. Filled with 300gsm two-layer polyester, the sleeping bag provides optimal warmth and insulation. All these specifications are backed by Darche’s commitment to quality, making the Cold Mountain 1100 a reliable choice for outdoor adventures.

Darche 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Investing in a quality sleeping bag is a significant purchase, and Darche understands that. That’s why the Darche Cold Mountain 1100 has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing peace of mind. The warranty covers any faulty manufacturing or workmanship issues, ensuring you get a product that meets Darche’s high standards.

However, it’s important to note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • Misuse or abuse

  • Wear and tear

  • Condensation

  • Extreme weather

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Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature should a sleeping bag be for winter camping?

For winter camping, a sleeping bag with a temperature rating of 10 degrees lower than the anticipated temperatures of your usual camping locations should do the trick. If you are a cold sleeper, choose a bag that is rated 10-15 degrees warmer than the expected forecast.

Extreme cold and winter campers should look for a bag rated at -10 degrees or lower.

What makes the Darche Cold Mountain 1100 sleeping bag special?

The Darche Cold Mountain 1100 sleeping bag is designed for maximum comfort and warmth, featuring a cotton flannel inner lining, dual zip system and floating bottom layer filling for optimal warmth.

This sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm and comfortable in even the coldest conditions. The cotton flannel inner lining provides a soft and cozy feel, while the dual zip system allows for easy access and ventilation. The floating bottom layer filling ensures optimal warmth and insulation.


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