Our Review of the OZTENT’s Redgum HotSpot XL Heated Sleeping Bag

Struggling to stay warm during your camping trips? The Redgum HotSpot XL aims to tackle this challenge with its non-electric heated sleeping bag design. Last winter, we brought a few sleeping bags to review between our family of eight – The Redgum HotSpot XL was one of them.

Find out if the HotSpot pouch system really delivers the warmth and comfort you need for a restful night outdoors without any complex setup.

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Introduction to the Redgum HotSpot XL

The Redgum HotSpot XL is an innovative product from OZTENT, a brand known for upping the ante when it comes to camping comfort. It’s boasted as the world’s first non-electric heat adjustable sleeping bag, using unique HotSpot pouches for warmth management.

Designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, this XL (extra large) sleeping bag is said to cater to those who value a comfortable sleep experience in diverse conditions. The Redgum HotSpot XL lets you control the temperature within the sleeping bag, tailoring it to your personal warmth preferences without needing an electrical source. Seems like a camper’s dream, doesn’t it? However, before we get too excited, let’s examine these claims further.

Redgum HotSpot XL specs

  • Non-electric heat adjustable
  • Net weight: 5.3kg (11.7lbs)
  • Temperature ratings: Comfort +6°C / 43°F, Lower limit +1°C / 34°F, Extreme -13°C / 9°F
  • Full length: 2400 x 1000 mm including hood
  • Extendable warranty included

Setting Up the Redgum HotSpot XL

Setting up the Redgum HotSpot XL is claimed to be a breeze, free of any complicated or electrical setup processes. It doesn’t require any special tools, which supposedly enhance user convenience. But we all know that sometimes what sounds easy in theory can be a real pain in practice.

Our set-up review:

As part of our comprehensive review, we put the Redgum HotSpot XL to the ultimate test: we handed it over to our most discerning and honest critic, our 8-year-old son. Kids have a knack for putting gear through the wringer, and if something can survive their rigorous standards, it’s a surefire winner.

To say he loves it would be an understatement. This sleeping bag has quickly become his go-to for every camping adventure, but the love affair doesn’t stop at the campsite. His attachment to the Redgum HotSpot XL is so strong that it has replaced his regular bedding at home. Night after night, he snuggles into his beloved sleeping bag, claiming it provides unparalleled comfort and warmth.

Our son’s endorsement doesn’t end with home use. On family trips, even when we’re staying in places that offer their own bedding, he insists on bringing his Redgum HotSpot XL along. It seems he’s found comfort in its familiarity, and the ease of setting it up makes it a no-brainer.

He raves about how comfortable and warm it is, and he’s become quite the little expert at activating the HotSpot pouches for just the right heat level. The fact that he can manage this without our help is a testament to the user-friendly design of this sleeping bag.

Aesthetics and Durability of the Redgum HotSpot XL

The Redgum HotSpot XL sports a durable Ripstop cotton canvas outer shell known for its resistance to tearing and ripping, which is supposed to contribute to the product’s durability. It’s lined with a Comfort Plus inner lining and utilizes T-Therm insulation, which apparently enhances warmth and contributes to the bag’s overall aesthetics. I have to say, it certainly painted a picture of a snug retreat (which is exactly why we purchased it).

The design includes six HotSpot pockets strategically placed for visual symmetry and practical heat adjustment, adding to the aesthetic appeal. The OZTENT Redgum HotSpot XL even bagged a Good Design Award, which underscores the product’s excellence in design and aesthetics. Judges’ feedback from the Good Design Awards praised the Redgum HotSpot XL for its low-tech approach to outdoor heating and design that communicates durability and comfort. The question is, can it truly balance aesthetics with durability? Time to unveil the reality.

Our durability review:

Our family’s Redgum HotSpot XL has become an indispensable travel companion for our son, who’s adopted it for daily use since its purchase. This heated sleeping bag has withstood numerous camping trips, been nestled in swags, and endured the daily rough and tumble that comes with the life of an outdoorsy, adventurous kid who’s always on the go! Remarkably, it remains hole-free and shows minimal signs of wear, a true testament to its durability and the quality of its Ripstop cotton canvas.

Tip: wondering how you might wash this baby? Easy, I’ve washed ours many times (did I mention our eight-year-old drags his heated sleeping bag everywhere?!?). Here’s is a little something I wrote to help you wash your sleeping bag.

User-Friendly Features of the Redgum HotSpot XL

The Redgum HotSpot XL is packed with a host of features designed to make your camping experience as comfortable as possible, including:

  • Six Unique HotSpot pouches for warmth management
  • Extra large size for comfortable sleep
  • Ripstop cotton canvas for durability
  • Comfort Plus cotton flannel inner lining
  • T-Therm insulation for added warmth
  • Simple Glide zipper system with anti-snag guards and auto-locking sliders
  • Inner storage pocket for personal items
  • Zip Connect system for connecting to compatible products

Heating Efficiency of the Redgum HotSpot XL

The Redgum HotSpot XL offers a range of temperature ratings, including a comfort rating of +6°C / 43°F, a lower limit of +1°C / 34°F, and an extreme temperature rating of -13°C / 9°F. That’s quite a range!

The big bag, designed as a sleeping bag, includes three HotSpot pouches, also known as heat packs, for customizable warmth and has six pockets specifically for these pouches, with additional storage pockets sold separately for more convenience. HotSpot technology is utilized in the Redgum HotSpot XL for efficient heat distribution, essential for maintaining body warmth in cold conditions, and the HotSpot pouches are also reusable.

The heating efficiency of the Redgum HotSpot XL is further supported by its use of T-Therm™ insulation, a polyester fibre that contributes to the overall durability and performance in varying conditions.

Our warmth review:

The Redgum Hotspot XL has been with us through the steamy summer evenings and the bone-chilling winter nights up in the Victorian High Country, and I can happily confirm that it’s kept us toasty warm each time. The star of the show is definitely those HotSpot pouches – they’re like little heat ninjas that keep you toasty for ages, and you can use them over and over again. Just make sure you charge them up after each trip, or you’ll miss out on the cozy goodness next time you’re out in the wild.

Buying tip: your sleeping bag comes with three heating pouches, but it actually has pockets for six. You can easily purchase additional pouches online at Tentworld, as we did.

Comfort Levels of the Redgum HotSpot XL

The Redgum HotSpot XL offers a full-length, extra-large size of 2400 x 1000 mm, including its hood, providing ample space for movement and a comfortable sleeping experience.

The inner lining is crafted from cotton flannel, a material known for its softness, providing a comfortable and tactile experience against the skin. The sleeping bag also comes with 2 layers of 150gsm bonded T-Therm polyester fibre for insulation and padding, and extra-large Ripstop cotton canvas for a soft yet durable outer shell. To ensure ease of use, the cotton flannel zipper adds a practical touch to this cozy sleeping bag.

Our comfort review:

Our son, who has a heightened sensitivity to touch, finds The Redgum HotSpot XL extremely comfortable. Despite its deceptively soft interior, this sleeping bag is as tough as nails on the outside – a necessity for withstanding the rigorous tests our adventurous son puts it through daily.

The Redgum HotSpot XL: Worth the Investment?

At the time of writing this, the OZTENT Redgum HotSpot XL Heated Sleeping Bag is priced around $300, which is middle ground for the scale of sleeping bag prices. Is it worth it? We think so. As mentioned a couple of times, our heated sleeping bag has endured daily use since ordering it online, and it shows literally no signs of wear or tear.

Our verdict on this heated sleeping bag

After thorough daily, and real-life usage, our verdict is in: we absolutely love the Redgum HotSpot XL heated sleeping bag. It’s consistently delivered on its promise of warmth and comfort, proving to be a reliable companion on our family camping trips and even for daily use at home. Our son’s fondness for the sleeping bag speaks volumes, as it’s become his preferred choice for a snug sleep, whether in the great outdoors or the comfort of his own room. With its user-friendly design and durable materials, the Redgum HotSpot XL comes highly recommended by our family for anyone seeking a top-tier sleeping experience in the bush.

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