The Ultimate Guide to Self Inflating Mats for Camping and Outdoor Adventures

If you’re itching for some fair dinkum outdoor adventures and wanna catch some quality Z’s under the Aussie sky, say hello to a self-inflating mat. These beauties are your golden ticket to ditch the screens and soak up some true-blue, air-cushioned snooze action. And here’s the ripper part – they pump themselves up, no sweat required on your part.

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Top Brands and Models of Self Inflating MatTRESsES

We have quite a few self-inflating mats in our camping kit – we have one in most of our swags, and sometimes, the kids throw them on the stretcher beds for added comfort. They’re also awesome for stopping the draft that tends to come up through the bottom of stretcher beds or the ground. Here are some of our faves.

Understanding Self-Inflating MatTRESs: How They Work and Their Benefits

A self-inflating air mattress offers a great combination of comfort, insulation and portability that makes it perfect for car camping trips. An advantage to using these mats is their construction: foam insulation, an airtight fabric valve and superior design create the ultimate relaxation when combined with a sleeping bag.

Self-inflating mattresses are lightweight yet durable – in fact, we still have our original self-inflating mattresses! Not only do they provide unparalleled warmth during colder nights, but also offer easy inflation/deflation capabilities (because no one enjoys blowing up air mattresses with a hand pump).

Choosing the Perfect Self Inflating Mat for Your Camping Needs

Now that you’re familiar with self-inflating mattresses, it’s time to figure out the ideal one for your outdoor journeys. Before deciding, pay attention to weight and size since these features will decide how portable and comfortable they are. Bear in mind the thickness of the mat as well as its insulation properties – this way, you can guarantee yourself an enjoyable sleeping experience on your camping trips.

Therm-A-Rest Luxurymap Sleeping Mat

Intelligently designed thanks to pressure-mapping technology, the Therm-a-Rest LuxuryMap Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress with TwinLock Valve delivers comfort in all the right places.

03/09/2024 01:11 am GMT

Size and Weight Considerations

When camping, consider the size and weight of your self-inflating mat. They come in various sizes, including single, double or queen. Take into account factors like your tent/swag dimensions. The pros are extra comfort, portability, plus insulation that comes with heavier mats, but this must be balanced against its thickness and ease of transportation.

Thickness and Insulation

Keep in mind, thickness is not just a number—it’s your ticket to dreamland. The tricky part? Finding a mat that’s a triple threat: comfortable, warm, and light on your budget, without bulking up your camping gear. Remember, heavier doesn’t always mean cozier – you’re aiming for that perfect balance.

Zempire Monstamat Twin Self-Inflating Mattress

Self-inflating, double-width mattress made with luxurious fabric and a durable 75D base, ensuring warmth and longevity. Fast-inflating and compatible with the Zempire Twin Speedy Stretcher Bed.


Accessories and Add-ons for Your Self Inflating Mat

Inflatable Pillows

Adding an inflatable pillow to your self-inflating mat setup can provide extra comfort and support for a restful sleep. These lightweight pillows are adjustable, so you can customize the level of comfort depending on yourself. Alleviating pain and discomfort as well as aiding in preventing back aches while camping.

Repair Kits

Always have a repair kit close by to keep your self-inflating mat in tip-top shape throughout your camping escapades. The kit typically has all the right stuff: alcohol prep pads, cover patches, and adhesive. Using it is as easy as pie – just spot the area that needs a fix, stick the patch on with some adhesive and fine-tune the air pressure using the valve tool.

Caring for Your Self Inflating Mat

Let’s chat about how to keep your self-inflating mat in mint condition. First, select a blemish-free spot for daytime lounging or nighttime dreaming— steer clear of jagged rocks or any sharp offenders that could jab at your comfy companion. Avoid cuddling too close to a bonfire or any scorching spots—they won’t do your mat any favors, trust me. And once you’ve rolled it up after your camping trip? Stash it away safely in a bag or container, preferably somewhere cooler and devoid of sunlight’s prying rays. Oh, and avoid any prickly surprises—you wouldn’t want any sharp objects plotting an ambush.

OZtrail 3D Self Inflating Fatmat - Queen

This massive 15cm thick mat means you won't feel the ground no matter which rough surface you decide to camp on. The FATMAT series delivers maximum comfort, warmth and performance with the ultimate ease of inflation and compact packdown.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are self inflating matTRESsES any good?

Forget about rolling out a mat and puffing away… Self-inflating mats make camping a breeze – they provide comfortable insulation, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without feeling the cold ground.

However, remember to close those valves afterwards, or else you’ll be sleeping on the ground after all!

How do self-inflating mats work?

No need to be baffled by self-inflating mats – the physics behind them is actually quite simple! By simply opening up its valve, you can inflate the foam and make yourself a cozy bed in no time. Who would’ve thought?

Self-inflated sleeping pads are surprisingly easy to use. All it requires from you is some dexterity with that valve. Then you lie back and relax – literally!

What are the advantages of a self inflating mattress?

Lightweight and self-inflating mats offer the perfect way to enjoy a comfortable camping experience without all the work associated with blowing up your mattress. With these, you get convenience, pack size and quality sleep in one; goodbye air pumps and hello luxury!

Are roll mats worth it?

If you’re looking to enjoy a quality night’s rest, then investing in a roll mat could be worthwhile. – they provide superior comfort and warmth at an excellent price. Although they’re a great option for those looking the stay on budget.

How comfortable is a self inflating mattress?

Sleep soundly on a self-inflating mattress – you’ll be more comfortable than ever, snugly insulated and kept warm all night long – unless you get a hole in it!

No more waking up in the middle of the night feeling cold and uncomfortable. With a self-inflating mattress, you can rest easy knowing you’ll stay warm and cozy all night long. Plus, you don’t have to worry about lugging around a bulky air mattress.



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