Review of Our Stay at Silverton Outback Camels

Ever wondered what it would be like to live on a farm with just about every farm animal you can imagine? And when I say “farm animal”, I’m not just talking about stereotypical sheep and cattle…no ma’am, I’m talking alllllll the farm animals you can imagine (plus a few I bet you wouldn’t think of)…

While living on a farm permanently may not be on the cards, I know a place you can stay and soak in all the farm-y goodness…even if just for a few nights.

Enter…Silverton Outback Camels.

We were lucky enough to stay at Silverton Outback Camels during our annual Mundi Mundi Bash trip, and, mate, it was tops.

The Outback Experience

Arrival at Silverton outback camels

From the moment we arrived at Silverton Outback Camels and spotted the many paddocks of happy, healthy animals grazing and playing in the sunshine, we knew we were in for a few days of fun (it could also have something to do with our first introduction to ToTo, the resident larrikin emu, who we spotted creating chaos for the farmhand while he was trying to work).

Speaking of farmhand…after Joel dealt with ToTo’s naughty antics, he settled us into our digs for the next few days. You know the feeling you get when you pay to stay somewhere, they throw keys at you, and you have no idea what to do, or where to go next? Not at Silverton Outback Camels.

Joel was very thorough with his tour of our cottage, and the farm. He genuinely made us feel welcome and included in the farm’s day-to-day life. In fact, he even invited us to pitch in and help with some of the farm chores if we wanted. We didn’t. Instead, we walked around gawking like city slickers who’d never seen animals before.

The stars of the show: the camels

It wouldn’t be a camel farm without camels, right? There’s something truly majestic about taking a stroll through red dirt paddocks of Silverton during golden hour, with a beautiful, majestic camel striding alongside you.

Silverton Outback Camels offers an array of camel rides, including 30-minute scenic tours, one-hour village journies, and the ever-popular Silverton Sunset Tour. Unfortunately, the camels were taking a well-earned break from their service at The Mundi Mundi Bash during our stay, so we couldn’t book a tour this trip – but we’ll be back to book a Silverton Sunset Tour soon!

Other Farm Residents

If you’re thinking that Silverton Outback Camels would be a farm of just camels, you’re very wrong…this farm has it all. On our stay, we saw, fed, and patted: ponies, donkeys, alpacas, goats, sheep, pigs, ostriches, emus, deer, water buffalo, peacocks, turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, dingos, farm dogs, and cats.

And boy, did some of these animals have cracker personalities! I never thought I’d have the opportunity to cuddle with a water buffalo. Also, as a lover of pigs, I’ve never experienced the sheer delight of having two piglets greet you at your cabin door every day, and follow you around the farm on your adventures…these little dudes were the best!

But, I feel like I’m not doing this review justice unless I take a moment to talk about ToTo, the Emu Terminator of the farm. The stealth of this girl knew no bounds – she was everywhere. And she was the boss. Visit the farm, and you’ll find out for yourself exactly what I’m talking about!

Mad MaX Area

Needless to say, the kids were pumped to spend their days meeting all the farm animals, but another part of the farm had the kids (and hubby) very excited…the Mad Max area. There were all kinds of memorabilia and setups going on, from gun turrets you could actually climb, to bus crash scenes, bridges, and cool hideouts. Every night, the big show lights lit up the area like a scene from the Mad Max movie – it was quite impressive!

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Farm Accommodation

Warrigal Country Cottage

The Warrigal Country Cottage is the perfect getaway. This delightful home away from home has everything you need for a relaxing stay, including a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, and laundry facilities. Oh, and it has an underground cellar that’s been converted into a bedroom – cool, huh?!? Plus, if a wrap-around veranda is on your wishlist for the farm getaway, you’re in luck – you can watch the sun both rise and fall from the veranda of The Warrigal Country Cottage. And if it’s cold, light the firepit in your very own fenced backyard (warning: those cheeky little piglets take no notice of the fence, they’ll no doubt happily join you for a fireside marshmallow).


Silverton Outback Camels has several affordable camping spots located around the farm to choose from. While there, we saw people camping in the Mad Max memorabilia area, and campers set up in the peace of the open red dirt paddocks, away from the farm activities. All campsites are non-powered, with access to flushing toilets.

Old School Hospitality

We’d already heard that Silverton Outback Camels are renowned for their wonderful hospitality, and I can happily confirm that what we’d heard was true. From the moment we arrived, Petah and her team welcomed us with open arms and were always happy to answer any questions we had about the farm and its animals during our stay.

As a person who lives in the country, works with farmers, and has a history of farming in her bloodline, I’ve met some incredible farmers…but I can honestly say that I’ve never met a farmer who looks her animals in the eyes with as much love, care, and respect as Petah does. We watched as she worked tirelessly into every night, feeding and tending to every animal, often stopping to give them a loving cuddle or smooch…it really was something incredible to witness.

Our review of Silverton Outback Camels

Our crazy crew of eight are all about making memories – our stay at Silverton Outback Camels did just that. The kids are still raving about Terminator ToTo and Licorice the baby lamb. The Warrigal Cottage was clean, comfortable, and even had some creature comforts we didn’t expect. We felt welcomed by everyone at the farm and can’t wait to book another stay. Only, next time, our booking will include a sunset tour on those incredible camels!

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